Tips for Effective CD/DVD Packaging and Manufacturing Design

Published July 24, 2013 by seattleduplication

When you are doing a business presentation or launching an album, your CD/DVD packaging matters a lot in making a good first impression. This is especially crucial when you are a new artist trying to persuade radio stations into picking your sampler to be played on air. Or if you are trying to take the street route through word-of-mouth advertising, you want people to be picking up your product and the package is one important element in getting step first on that door.

Some tips and strategies

In music CD DVD manufacturing, design is as important as the product itself. First, the design should be bright rather than drab and boring, which will make people believe that your music will be boring as well. The image should also be relevant to the message you are trying to convey. The input of the artist is very important for the cover designer to realize the vision.

The logo is the most important part of your CD DVD packaging because when you take out all the trappings and the marketing gimmicks, your logo is going to be your identity. The mark that people will identify you with. Of course, the material itself should be good because there’s no packaging tool in the world that can propel you to stardom if the songs in the album are not really up to par.

CD and DVD manufacturing

Before, CDs and DVDs are nothing but circular shapes. But now, they are an integral part in promotional marketing by virtue of the endless shapes and sizes that can be conceptualized through the help of music CD DVD manufacturing companies. You want a CD/DVD shaped like a guitar? How about a DVD shaped like a star? There are hundreds of service providers who can do that for you. In essence, you are limited only by your imagination.


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