Choosing between Replication and CD Duplication services for Your Small Business

Published August 14, 2013 by seattleduplication

If you are running a small business you will find that most of your needs will be met by CD duplication services. For a small site on coaching, fitness or Yoga, making a few copies this process is preferred. There are times when this may not be the case and a large order may be required.

Number of Copies Requiredcdwest-logo-header

If you are going for short runs, CD replication process may not be the best choice. Most of service providers will not take orders less than 500 copies for the replication of your DVDs, fewer of them will place limit for a minimum of about 300 copies.

The main reason for this is that CD duplication is done from the original to the copy disk. This is unlike replication where the data or audio/visual information on the original disk must be copied onto a master before being replicated onto the copies. Because of time and cost factors the service providers can only accept a minimum number of orders.

Lead Time

The time factor is an important consideration when making this decision. Duplicating DVDs will take a shorter time than replicating. Replicating requires the creation of the master, which must happen before the copies are made. Usually the duplicating process happens within 3 days to one week, while replication takes more than one week but less than two weeks. So CD duplication is cheap and less time consuming process.

Quality and Consistency


For a higher number of runs, the best option to take is replication. It is both cost effective and produces high quality that is consistent through out the batch you ordered. The master ensures all the disks produced are identical. For a high number of runs of the disks, you may want copies that are more consistent to minimize errors. Both can provide quality results, but it is best to choose the right method to minimize expenses and get the best results.


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