Cheap CD Duplication: To DIY or Use a Duplication Service

Published August 19, 2013 by seattleduplication

If you want to do cheap CD duplication, there are a several ways you can accomplish the task. You may either choose a service provider to do it for you, or you may do it yourself. Nowadays, you can get fairly priced equipment to accomplish this task. The question then is, is it worth it?

Number of Disks

The first point to consider is the volume of disks you need to be printed. If you have a very high number, especially more than 200, then you need to find a service provider to do it for you. It will cost you less as the provider is able to deal with high volumes at lower costs and still break even. The blank CDs will even cost less.

Time Factor

Another thing you need to consider is time. How much time can you set aside for this task? Can you do it fast enough to beat your own deadline? The speed with which you can work will determine if you need a professional service.

Cost and Quality

Cost is also important and will also be determined by the volume. If you are only duplicating 100 CDs, is it really worth it? Buying the necessary equipment for duplication can set you back a few hundred dollars. If you are only going to do a run on a few blank CDs then it’s not worth it.

 If you are making copies for commercial purposes, you ought to ask yourself if you can uphold the quality standards. If you already had equipment, you may still need to buy the kind that can provide consistent and quality results. You will have to consider other additional services like CD printing. Cheap CD duplication service is the best option if you want to maintain high quality standards for both duplication and printing.


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